We sit up in bed as we wake in the morning, using our bones and musculature to support our frames. We commute to work. Walking, running, biking, driving. Or we go wake our sleeping child in the next room. "It is time to get moving." Perhaps we push through rush hour traffic to make it to a dance class. To move together and to be moved by each other.

Our blood courses through our veins. We turn our heads to register a foreign sound. We elongate our limbs into a deep and satisfying stretch as the sun pours over the horizon and warms our eyelids. Our world is in motion and we are each an integral part of it.

We move every day, every minute, every second. Some movements are vital, some movements are important, some... well some movements we could probably go without. Humanity is in motion and I want to celebrate this. From a toddler making their way from all fours to two feet, to a dancer moving powerfully through space, to moving simply as a means of taking us from point A to point B.

All movement is important and as we are constantly moving, we are transient beings. We feel through movement and we move through our emotions. Movement moves us.

This project will address the intricacies of movement itself without bringing a specific focus to the being that is creating this movement...or is subject to the movement around them, Motion blur, if you will. Working will low shutter speeds, with a focus on the direction of movement rather than color, this project will come to life through monochrome moments in time. I welcome you to explore your relationship to movement with me.

Details (please read)

This project will be a celebration of movement, a personal exploration of movement and most importantly, a look into the ways that movement influences us and perhaps even heals us. Each session will entail me meeting with a model for about 30 minutes in a (most likely) outdoor location to create a set of 5-10 images. The images and concepts will be discussed at length beforehand. There will be a specific location, time and outfit agreed upon and while the model is required to wear their own clothing, they will not be required to purchase anything. The models will be required to sign a photo release/consent form before fully committing. Minors are welcome to apply however, they must obtain the signature of a parent or guardian.

The payment for this project will have two parts: a $25.00 honorarium for your half hour of work and digital copies of all the images featuring you (valued at up to $750.00). The model will be asked to refrain from sharing these digital copies with anyone, as the images themselves will be sold as digital copies or as prints.

I think that is everything but feel free to ask me any questions you may have! Please fill out the model application below if you are interested! Applications due midnight October 4th.


You may choose more than one. Please only choose roles you genuinely feel apply to you.

A special thank you to reese wilson:

the model featured in the above images, an incredible inspiration and my dear friend.