a dancer first

I have danced from age four, completed my degree in Dance at U of C and am currently still dancing professionally. Why does this matter? Hiring a dancer as your dance photographer is beneficial; A dancer will understand lines and angles and be able to give technical corrections when necessary. I understand the physical requirements of a dance shoot and can pace accordingly. I can also effectively give improvisation and posing prompts, alongside understanding site-specific work. Let's create beautiful dance images together!


When hiring me as your dance photographer, there are certain things you can expect. We will discuss and create a concept that reflects your desire for the shoot and then decide on your outfit(s) and location(s). I will ensure that you have time to warm-up properly and will suggest certain movements for getting and keeping warm if you wish. I will come with several individualized improvisation prompts and pose ideas selected for you. The photos will reflect your personality and personal strengths and will serve as the perfect portfolio, empowerment and/or memories. Let's get started! Gallery below. :)

Dance + Expressive Movement

Where physical and visual arts collide. Featuring movers in every form from students to dance professionals to curious souls. The ultimate branding for moving creatives who want to stand out. Allow yourself to move and be moved.

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