Branding + Headshots

Your brand deserves to stand out, I'm here to help.

The purpose of branding photography is to create a unique and purposeful visual force behind your brand. Behind the scenes, the process of working tirelessly towards your goals, and your personality and abilities... all of these matter. I will highlight what your company offers and who you are to create bold and curated brand visuals (and yes this can include head shots).

Social media can be used as a powerful tool to promote and further your brand. This means that the visual representation of your brand is noticed and therefore important. Thoughtful, individualized, and cohesive photographs will make your brand stand out against the many others and help you reach your goals. A branding session will leave you with a full album of beautiful images that perfectly represent your business. Lacking content will be a thing of the past! Let’s meet and discuss your vision for your business and get you equipped with some images that will make marketing exciting, stunning and simple!


Creative Portraiture

Compelling images of the human being behind the face, body and movement it creates. The ultimate branding for visionary creatives. We are deeply feeling, embodied beings; let us create images that reflect this.