The Heart of Rose & Range

Rose & Range Photography bloomed from my love of people and natural beauty. People energize me, inspire me, and motivate me. At a young age, I was constantly striving to capture little moments and pretty things. This passion grew and blossomed into Rose & Range, which is a testament of my heart for capturing the heartfelt moments lived out by people full of heart.

I aim to photograph what is important to you, to freeze it in time. Some memories are just too special to lose your grasp on, and I will make sure that never happens. Each and every relationship is complex, unique, and has a life of its own. I find so much joy in discovering the essence of each relationship as I focus my lens on it and it is captured, to be cherished for years on end.

I love a good laugh, almost more than I love a great adventure, so let’s be adventurous together. I look forward with all my heart to getting to know you and making sure your heartfelt moments are treasured until the end of time.



Photo by Fiddle + Drum Photography

Capturing heartfelt moments



Jamie and Dylan

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"This girl has a true passion for photography. She captured each and every moment so beautifully!"

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