capturing heartfelt moments


Pictures truly are worth more than a million words, and I make it my personal mission to capture your memories in an authentic and heartfelt manner. No milestone should be forgotten, whether it be the first day of the rest of your life with your best friend, a new head shot for your new job, or any other important moment that has a place in your heart. It is my absolute honor to capture your heartfelt moments.

Wedding & Engagement

One of the most heartfelt of moments: your wedding. I will capture your special day in a way that highlights what lies at the core of you and your partner's relationship. Your images will be warm, romantic, and heartfelt. They will showcase every little part of your special day, from the perfect little details of getting ready to the hugely anticipated moment of exchanging rings and your first kiss as a wedded couple.

I love people, my energy comes from people, and the choice of two people to pledge their hearts and souls to each other forever makes my heart sing! I love capturing love!

The intricate details of the veil, the location you carefully selected, happy kisses, your caring guests, the tasty choices on your menu, the personalities of the wedding party, the personalized decorations such as your grandma's tea set or your parents' cake knife. Every single little part of your day matters, and Rose and Range will take the utmost care to freeze it all in time to cherish forever.


Who are you? What relationships matter to you? During a lifestyle session, I will capture your real-life events, relationships, every day situations, and milestones. Rose and Range lifestyle photography tells heartfelt stories about your life and the people in it. This includes graduating high school or university, the relationship between you and your partner, family photos, the first few days of a precious newborn, maternity, birthdays, hobbies and anniversaries.

I have a special place in my heart for capturing dance. I have danced since I was 4 years old and now I also photograph it! It is so important that your dance photographer has an understanding of technique and dance aesthetic. I am so lucky to have a background in dance because I feel as though it has enhanced my ability to photograph it and guide dancers as we shoot! My dance knowledge includes ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary.


The purpose of branding photography is to create a unique and purposeful visual force behind your brand. This entails what happens behind the scenes, what happens while you are working tirelessly towards your goals, and highlights your personality and abilities. The intention is to highlight your services, your products, and who you are to create a bold visual brand (and yes this can include head shots). In today’s society, more and more individuals are using images on social media to promote their companies. Beautifully curated, individualized, and cohesive photographs will make your brand stand out against the many others and help you reach your goals! Have you ever needed to make a post on Instagram, your blog, or website to promote your company, yet had no content to choose from? A branding session will leave you with a full album of beautiful images that perfectly represent your business. Let’s meet and discuss your vision for your business, and get you equipped with some images that will make marketing exciting, stunning and simple!

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